Monday, January 7, 2013


Summary: When John Winchester goes missing while on a hunt, his son Dean enlists the help of estranged brother, Sam.  A college student now with dreams of becoming a lawyer and having a normal life, Sam resists Dean... at first.  The boys try to track down their father, but find trouble instead in the form of an urban legend.  This episode deals with a Woman in White.

According to lore, a Woman in White or Weeping Woman is someone who was cheated on by a husband or boyfriend.  She temporarily loses her mind and murders her children.  Then she takes her own life after realizing what she's done.  The ghost seeks out and kills unfaithful men.

Sam and Dean decide to temporarily forget their father while they track down and stop this deadly spirit.  Sam is the one who comes into contact with her.  He's driving down the road when she appears in the backseat with a softly spoken command.  "Take me home."

During the episode Sam and Dean also rehash past pain and try to come to some sort of understanding.  This is the beginning of an awesome series!  If you haven't seen it yet, watch it.  Now!

Songs:  Eagles of Death Metal - Speaking In Tongues
Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man
AC/DC - Back in Black
AC/DC - Highway to Hell
The Living Daylights - Gasoline
Kid Gloves Music - My Cheatin' Ways
Favorite Lines from Show:

Dean:  Please, no chick-flick moments.
Sam: Jerk.
Dean:  Bitch.

Police Officer:  Is anything about you real?
Dean:  My boobs.

Sam:  They're just trying to do their jobs.
Dean:  No.  They're trying to do our jobs, but they don't know it so they suck at it.

Dean:  Agent Mulder.  Agent Sculley.

First Fight: Many viewers complain they hate it when the boys fight.  Well, here is their first one.  Sam says he wouldn't know what his mom looked like if it wasn't for pictures.  He comments that even if they find the thing that killed her, she will still be dead.  In what I think is an overreaction Dean slams Sam against a metal beam and yells, "Don't talk about her like that!"

Don't worry.  The boys forget their problems as soon as the ghost starts Dean's car and tries to use it to run them over.  Then they make up later at the motel.  Sam tries to apologize.  Dean raises his hand.  "No chick flick moments."  Sam says: Jerk.  Dean says: Bitch.  This is the first time they call each other these names, but not the last time.

Alias:  They use a variety of covers over the years.  Their first ones (on this episode) U. S. Marshall.  Later, Dean tells a police officer he is Ted Nugent.  This is the first rock-alias.  Awesome!

Review:  There are a few sloppy places in this episode that make me cringe like when the boys are fighting over how they were raised so we'll know what is going on.  Exposition.  It's sloppy in places.  Sam and Dean know how they were raised, but they talk to each other like the other one doesn't already know this stuff.  Also, Sam says his dad gave him a gun when he was nine and complained about the monster in the closet.  Later, in another show we find out his dad is hiding the truth from him about monsters and wants to shelter him from it.  No way did he give him a gun.  Contradiction.

Other than those two things, this is a great episode.  The spirit was scary, the plot interesting, and the boys were awesome.  This show will reel you in and keep you watching.