Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Stay Alive in Mystic Falls (Vampire Diaries)

I am watching the seasons on DVD right now.  Currently I am on the third season.  Some of the things the characters are doing on this show are so stupid.  They should know better by now.  Even the vampires are doing stupid things.  They say they want to protect Elena, but they leave her with a vampire who has been bitten by a werewolf and can't control herself.  Real smart, boys.

So here are some rules for survival in Mystic Falls if you should happen to find yourself there someday.

1.  Do NOT Invite Strangers into Your Home:  Vampires can only come inside if they are invited, but the vampires on this show don't seem to have a problem with that.  There is always someone willing to throw the door open and invite them inside.  Actually, you shouldn't invite anyone into your home in Mystic Falls.  Even if you know them they could have been turned into a vampire recently.  If I lived in the town, I would not invite anyone inside.  I would simply open the door and they would know me well enough to know that if they CAN come inside, they can come inside.

2.  Don't Make New Friends:  Every time a new person comes to the town they are either a werewolf, a vampire, or a witch up to no good.  Well, sometimes they are hunters too I suppose.  Every time poor Bonnie makes a new friend it turns out they are trying to use her witchy powers for something bad.  The girl needs to stick with the crowd she knows.  No new people.  At least wait until they show their true colors.  After you find out what their deal is you can befriend them... if you still want to.

3.  Don't Make Damon Mad:  Every time he gets upset he either breaks someone's neck or bites them.  Even his friends.  Good thing Aleric has a magic ring or he'd be dead.  My advice is when Damon gets upset everyone should hit the ground running.  Stay inside and don't invite him in until he cools off.

4.  Get A Ring:  Everyone seems to have magical jewelry on this show.  A few vampires have magical rings so they can walk around in the sunlight.  A couple have rings to keep them alive if something supernatural should kill them.  There have also been a couple magical necklaces floating about.  If you want to survive living in Mystic Falls, get a ring.

5.  Sniff Before You Drink:  People continue to spike the drinks with Vervane (or however you spell it) and vampires drink it without thinking twice.  They should know by now.  I would at least sniff it first.

6.  Don't Walk Around in the Dark by Yourself:  It's a good way to get attacked by something evil.  Even if you are something evil, you can still get attacked by something stronger than you.

7.  Being Dead Doesn't Mean Staying Dead:  I don't worry about anyone on this show because they always seem to come back to life.  Or they visit as a ghost.  Whatever.

Anyway, those are my rules for getting by in Mystic Falls.  If you can think of any others, feel free to add them.


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