About Me/Contact

Hello.  My name is Kasi Blake, and I write YA paranormal under the name K.C. Blake.  You may have heard of me.  My books include Vampires Rule (which is FREE at Smashwords dot com, BTW), Werewolves Rule, Shifters Rule, Witch Hunt, and Crushed.

Until recently I was a teacher.  Although I taught first through third grade, I would inevitably find myself hanging with the teens during recess, talking about books, movies, etc.  So that's why I decided to start this blog.  I am still a teen at heart, and I love YA books.

If there is any person, show/movie, or book you want to see on this blog, you can email me at

I will also run contests from time to time.

Hope you enjoy the site (promise there will be more fun stuff to read soon) and tell your friends.  :)